Monday, May 26, 2008

Endeavor - Kill Traitors (7inches + more)/ Severed Forever Blog

Even though I just started doing a music blog again, I'm going to try to spotlight some of the blogs I frequent because there is some great known and unknown bands out there and people putting in a lot of work and time to share what they have.
I Found this on another blog, Severed Forever that has some real good stuff on it. I've included the actual post text below. Check it out and tell him what you think of what he's got going on over there.

Severed Forever

Endeavor was a metalcore band from NJ. Totally tongue-in-political with great music and lyrics. Singer Mike Olender went on to sing for Burnt By The Sun.

All their material is worth owning, but I was looking for a way to get their early 7"s that I had a while back when I came across a CD labeled "Kill Traitors" in a used section of some CD store. I had never heard of it before and it was from a Euro label, but the 7" songs were on it, so I quickly snatched it up. And I'm glad I did. There's a few other tracks on the disc as well, not sure where they're from (I think they're compilation tracks, but I can't find any info on the CD online).

Endeavor - Kill Traitors (download)

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Death Metal Dan said...

Hey - that's my blog! Thanks for the mention.

I actually just came across yours tonight looking for the Catharsis splits.