Sunday, October 26, 2008

Explosions in the Sky - 3 Song Peel Session

Instrumental music that defies most general pigeonholing, not as heavy as Pelican, more straight forward than a band like Godspeed You! Black Emperor or Mogwai, but possessing parts of both. Explosions in the sky craft songs that don't need lyrics- beautiful and floating at times and smashing you headfirst through the floor. They can bury you or lift you up.

This is a very nice Peel Session including one of my favorites "First Breath After A Coma". Live and still doesn't miss a beat.

Explosions in the Sky - "Peel Session" (DOWNLOAD)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pre-Halloween Treat: Brother's Keeper - Five Hits From Hell

Its Saturday night, less than a week before Halloween- I know there's quite a few Halloween parties so I thought I'd offer this up since I know I'll probably be busy on Halloween Night. So, you get an EP of Brother's Keeper doing 5 Misfits covers.

I was never a huge Brother's Keeper fan, but I found this CD in a .99 Cent Bin 5-6 years ago and simply couldn't resist. Mike Ski's signature vocals to some good covers of the music (though there are some stylistic updates to fit the BK style). As much as I know I should probably think this is terrible, I can't help but listen. Devil's Whorehouse is good; Skulls is kinda ummm... interesting; and so goes the rest of the EP.

Not bad, definitely worth my dollar. This came out on Ides of March in 2000.

Brother's Keeper - Five Hits from Hell EP (DOWNLOAD)

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Champion - Live 2003

Another live recording post (look back through past posts for Billy Bragg, Over My Dead Body, Explosions in the Sky, Parades End, Hot Cross, the Murder City Devils & Greg Graffin). Seattle Straight Edge Hardcore. You probably know who this band is, just download it already.

This is straight from the soundboard at the now gone Showcase Theatre in Corona, California. Same as with the Over My Dead Body recording a few months ago, I was able to get the sound guy to record this for me. Over the years they sat primarily in my collection and a few friends got copies. With the rise of blogs and moving this past Feb. forcing me to box and unbox things, i found a lot of stuff.

This recording is from Feb. 21st, 2003 - Bane, Terror & Piece by Piece played this show as well. It was packed like sardines. Somewhere I have pictures from this show as well. Bane was at their peak of popularity out here and Champion was just fully coming into their own.

Enjoy! It's all one track, if anyone wants to download it, break up the tracks and send it back to me- I will gladly re-post it as individual tracks. I however simply do not have the motivation or time to do it now. Seattle Hardcore for your listening enjoyment, including a GB cover.

Champion - Live 2003 (DOWNLOAD)

Local Bands : Someday Somehow

Like most scenes, things out here in the Inland Empire have their ups and downs. Times when there are 10 local bands you are willing to go and see and times when there are 0 local bands you are willing to go see. Right now it isn't too bad, there are some bands that really excite me and make me glad to be from around the area and into punk/hardcore/independent music. Unfortunately, a lot of the bands haven't done proper recordings yet and are still in their infant stages.

In light of that, I've decided to start mixing in more local bands along with my posts.

First up (because at 5am I was in the mood for catchy nostalgia) is Someday Somehow.
They were a band from Chino/Inland Empire, Ca. who played hardcore punk heavily influenced by bands like Kid Dynamite, Saves the Day, the Lawrence Arms and Good Riddance. Singer Erich had been playing in various local bands over the years before recruiting his brother Kenny & friend Justin to create the band. A stable line-up eluded the band for most of their existence and sadly it greatly limited their playing live and recording.

After a handful of shows and this demo the band went into permanent hiatus- a few attempts were made at line-up changes, but it just never took. Bummer.

Someday Somehow - "DEMO 2005" (DOWNLOAD)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Godspeed You! Black Emperor - John Peel Session (live)

For any of you others who might be up at some unfortunate hour such 2am, such as I am right now. Anthony, this one's going out to you cos youre probably slinging boxes at UPS (hope you like GY!BE hah).

For any who don't know, great band of ambient, instrumental post-rock wonders from Canada. Rock music that you could call apocalyptic orchestra music. Explosive. Beautiful. The samples they use can be creepy as well. This is a John Peel Session from 1999. 1 Track, 18+ minutes long. I don't believe it appeared on a record.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor - "Hung Over as the Queen in Maida Vale" (DOWNLOAD)

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Straight Faced - 7inches

I'm not one to be embarrassed by what I listen to. I make no bones about what I like. Straight Faced is the epitome of those exact feelings. I started going to various local shows in the early/mid-90's, lots of different local bands & punk shows. At one punk show I saw my first straight up hardcore band, Straight Faced. I'd already gotten into a lot of the classics of hardcore (minor threat, black flag, 7 seconds, gorilla biscuits, etc.) but I hadn't really gotten into any bands that were current and accessible to me.

The first hardcore band I saw live was Straight Faced. They were from So. Cal. and played Showcase Theatre or the Barn on nearly a monthly basis. I was hooked. I bought the "Guilty" tape at the old Mad Platter (Sounds Like) and was hooked. I remember 4th of July in 1995 or 96, i had ordered the "Punk Bites" comp & the first Straight Faced 7inch and they came the day before. There was a block party and me and my friends just listened to that comp, guilty, and the 7inch all day. Fond Memories.

The first 7inch "Self Will Run Riot" is far from their best stuff; pretty standard hardcore punk but it still endears itself to me. I can listen to it and not cringe. That 7inch pre-dates the first lp "Guilty". The second record here, "Revolve" comes some years later, following their best work, their second album "Broken" and predating their Epitaph debut "Conditioned". "Revolve" shows the band much more in their own as they took on a heavier sound (for straight up hardcore)and experimented a little more with pedals & different sounds (There is another 7inch that i do not own, named "Pedestal" on Victory Records. If anyone owns it and wants to get rid of it, let me know).

As well, another 7inch worth of material exists from the same time/session as "Self Will Run Riot", but it unfortunately never made it to release (to my knowledge), though Hostage (who released Revolve) listed it as an upcoming release in ads & inserts.

It appears that Guilty & Broken have both gone out of print now, so I will post those sometime and go on a bit more. Straight Faced is one of those bands that; from a distance might have been good to some, but if you lived here at that time, chances are you were infatuated. Their shows never disappointed and believe me, I saw them ALOT over 4-5 years.

Straight Faced - Self Will Run Riot 7inch

Straight Faced - Revolve 7inch (DOWNLOAD)

*Big Brian, Andy... this one's for you guys*

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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Jeremin - Self-Titled 7inch

Hailing from Arizona, this little gem of screaming noise delivers 4 songs of 90's fury. Along the lines of Screamo, they mixed in some heavier influences that show the time this was written/recorded ('96-'97). It draws a lot on 90's emo with softer parts that pull you close and then simply smash your head against the wall with the full on attack of their sound. At other times, the songs are just relentless screaming all out attacks.

This record has only 4 songs, but it seems like more than its 11 1/2 minutes as it plays out. The insanely in-depth packaging booklet is to be seen to be believed. I've included scans, but they only do it a slight amount of justice. Enjoy- this isnt what you would expect from a band that has members of Overcome (no, Jeremin is NOT a christian band). *More info. can be found at: Jeremin - Last FM (which i did a week or so ago in anticipation of this post).

As always, enjoy and feel free to comment.

Jeremin - S/T 7inch (DOWNLOAD)

*the four songs are recorded as 2 tracks because separating them was almost pointless*

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