Saturday, January 10, 2009

Quicksand - "Dine Alone" 7inch

This is the second Quicksand 7inch I've posted here, but this is actually the first one they did (for a major label | first lp). These are actually demo versions of the songs that would later appear on their first lp "Slip".

If you're not in the know- Quicksand was a post-hardcore band in the mid/late 90's (and yet another band featuring a who's who of New York Hardcore bands) who release an EP and two Lp's as well as a variety of singles and an unreleased/unfinished third lp before splitting up for good. Growing through years of playing in genre defining and changing bands such as Gorilla Biscuits, Beyond, Burn, and Bold (to name a few) the members of Quicksand took the hammering and pounding sounds of hardcore and meshed them well with jangling guitars and loud bass driven songs. Start|stop guitars, clean vocals, but still the ability to crush and precision playing among the best.

Quicksand was and continues to be one of the most influential bands in the genre of Post-Hardcore as well as heavy rock.

Quicksand - "Dine Alone | Can Opener" 7inch (DOWNLOAD)

Previous Quicksand Post HERE (Also includes 2 other Post-Hardcore 7inches)

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What We Want on Myspace

What We Want Blog on Myspace

The Blog has a Myspace.

So many people use myspace, myself included. This gives a more streamlined way to let people know about updates.

I hit up Message Boards as much as I can, post bulletins to my own myspace (which has helped a lot of people I know who arent into this music hear new old stuff); but this makes an option for anyone who wants to find out when I post new things to the blog.

I will be posting Bulletins Once, maybe Twice. I wont be making 10 bulletins each time and they will be hours/days apart; not 5 times in a row flooding your bulletins (i delete bands and people who do that).

I will also be posting to the myspace blog info. for each post I do here, so if you miss bulletins (as i often do) you can just look there.

I may also do some stuff that gets posted there first/only. Who knows.

Enjoy and add the profile.

As always, tell your friends, pets, enemies, romantic others, and don't hesitate to comment, request, or suggest.

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ressurection - "s/t" 7inch

East Coast Hardcore feat. members of every other band* you can think of (seriously). I'd guess that a lot of people who frequent this blog know who they are already; and those of you who don't- DOWNLOAD THIS.

Pissed Off hardcore that held enough straight forward sound mixed with a boiling over of emotions and changing sounds. A simpler sound than Unbroken but possessing an anger and voice just as loud as them- volatile and explosive mid paced hardcore.

Ressurection - "s/t" 7inch

*including members of Release, 108, Lifetime, Floorpunch, Kid Dynamite, Paint it Black, and many more

**This was released on New Age Records originally /// Deathwish has been claiming to be preparing a Discography for some time. Those versions will be remastered, but for any who may have concern- i will remove these if you find it necessary, just contact me*

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Collision - 2001 "Crocodile Hunter" Demo


Collision were a local band from Inland Empire/Southern California in the late 90's/early 00's. Playing pretty straight forward hardcore, it seemed like they played nearly every hardcore show at Showcase Theatre during their time.

This is their final recording/release after a 7inch and Ep on Ambassador Records. Sadly, this demo (their best stuff) never saw proper release. Their previous releases were good, but always befell some kind of setback (7inch was ok, but generally generic & their Ep suffered from a horrid mastering job of some otherwise very promising songs).

Members went on to be in a lot of bands (Amendment 18, Internal Affairs, Stand & Fight, One X Choice, & more) and recently ('07/'08) their were talks of Collision returning but a stable line-up was never secured. Bummer.

For Fans of: the Nerve Agents (pre-White Owl), Chain of Strength, Over My Dead Body, etc.

Collision - Demo 2001 (DOWNLOAD)

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Strongarm - "These Times That Try Men's Souls" Demo

Strongarm was a well known hardcore band from Florida from 1993 - 1998 (and some later reunions). Known as much for being one of the leading bands on Tooth & Nail Records at the height of the "Spirit-Filled Hardcore" era of the 90's as they were for having members of Shai Hulud, Further Seems Forever, and many more bands.

Strongarm picked up where "traditional" hardcore was veering off in the 90's and took it to a heavier side like many of their contemporaries, but rather opted for speed and melody where many others were playing the more popular metallic influenced sound. Their final recording "Advent of a Miracle" is a large jumping off point for bands like Shai Hulud.

This is essentially the beginning, coming just before the 7inches & first lp on Tooth and Nail.


Strongarm - Demo (DOWNLOAD)

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