Friday, February 11, 2011

Roswell Project/Stickfigure Carousel

Alright everyone out there in the blogosphere (is that a word?)- As I'm transferring over many of the posts to the new It Follows Blog, I'm coming across comments I've missed in the last 2 months are so, thanks to those of you who've said something, its nice to hear from other hc/punk kids (regardless of age, hell I'm 32 now).

Specifically, a blogger named Kieth who posted on the Roswell Project/Stickfigure Carousel post; I would love to contact you, but your profile is set to private so I can't contact. So, if you see this, shoot me an email: or

Thanks to any and all for help with this and thanks to everyone who's ever checked out the blog, shared a link, downloaded, enjoyed the songs, bought a record because you heard something here, or found songs/bands you'd been looking for, I know what a great feeling it is. What We Want lives on via the new blog which is getting old posts obsorbed in with new ones. Thanks Again, Jon.

It Follows Music Blog
It Follows Music Blog

It Follows Music Blog


Maddie said...

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