Monday, January 25, 2010

411 - "Discography?"

Here's something I've been wanting to do for a long time; a complete (to my knowledge) 411 post (The "Thoughts That Feed the Fire" 7inch was one of my earliest posts here). Sometimes when you're excited to do something, less is more... so here we go:

Four One One was a Southern California melodic/post-hardcore band from the early 90's. Featuring a host of musicians from many varied bands (Farside, Triggerman, Rocket From the Crypt, Speak, & No For An Answer to name a few); the band meshed together mid-tempos of another kind with lyrical content that forced the listener to take notice; and agree or disagree; form an opinion of some kind.

Big drums, a very well blended guitar/bass attack, and those signature Dan O vocals, but being sung/spoken in a way that really shows what he's capable of as a frontman.

Since hearing "Under Fire" on KSPC some 15 years ago & having a friend dub me the "This Isn't Me" album on tape, I've been hooked. Easily one of my favorite hardcore/punk bands. As I prepared to post the lp & re-post a better rip of the 7inch i literally stumbled upon the Suburban Voice comp after looking for years & then the Sign Language & Purgatory comps which I hadn't even known existed. Download and enjoy.

Download Includes:
"Thoughts That Feed the Fire" 7inch
"This Isn't Me" LP
"Flesh (live)" from Suburban Voice Comp. 7inch
"Life Minus Me" from Sign Language 3x 7inch Comp
"Mad At Myself" (GI cover) from the Headstart to Purgatory Comp CD
"Heartbeat (live)" unreleased track from Spanky's Riverside, CA likely '91 or '92
"State Violence_State Control" (discharge cover) NEWLY ADDED

Full scans of the 7inch, LP CD booklet, Suburban Voice Record, Sign Language Comp. covers & 411's page from the booklet, Purgatory comp. cover & little 411 blurb.

Jake Jacobs, enjoy! Jed Butterfield, where ever you are, thanks for dubbing that tape for me!

Four One One - "Discography?" (DOWNLOAD)

JUST ADDED: "State Violence-State Control" (Discharge Cover) DWONLOAD --Thanks to xdowntimex for the info and download link. For now its the whole comp. In the future the track will be added to the 411 download.

A Few Extras from the guys over at xSTUCK IN THE PASTx

Live Set for download over at Stuck In the Past

A good Dan'O interview from last year can be found HERE There's also some nice old MRR ads that inc. the 411 shooter ( i will pay handsomely for a shirt) HERE

ANOTHER BONUS, this one comes from the fine fellow over at the xSHIRTSx blog; amazing 411 shirt collection (and some nice NFAA stuff too): HERE


Jake said...

Needless to say, EXCELLENT work, sir.

xorhunx said...

Jon said...

Thanks Jake, I knew you of all people would like it as much as me.

xorhunx - amazing shirt collection, just amazing! Thanks for sharing it.

jav said...

shit's awesome. thanks!

xdownxtimex said...

Awesome, I've been looking for the GI cover for a long time. not to bust your bubble but this is missing the Discharge cover.

xdownxtimex said...

here's the discharged comp song.

Stormy said...

Excellent work! I love this band and it's great to have all this stuff together like this. Now all i need is the WFMU set! Been looking for that one forever.

Jon said...

xdowntimex - thanks so much for that. I had NO clue it existed. Will update the download accordingly.

Jon said...

Stormy, I will keep an eye for that as well. I'm also curious as to a live set that the "Flesh" (from the Suburban Voice comp) recording is pulled from. Of course it could very well be lost to time; but I would bet the set is out there in someone's closet.

Jake said...

Introducing: Both Hands Broken (Dan O'Mahony's post-411 and pre-Speak band) -

sajid said...

Thank you for this! Thanks especially for including the layouts...definitely a nice touch.

Daniel said...

muchos Gracias.