Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rebuilding Comp. 7inch

Turning Point, Burn, Gorilla Biscuits, No Escape... need any more more reasons for downloading and listening to this?

Really though, great comp. 7inch from 1990 on Temperance Records showcasing a period of change and transition in the hardcore scene. Other than the straight forward (and funny) Gorilla Biscuits song, the comp. finds Turning Point adding the melodic/emotional element that represented their later songs and both Burn & No Escape playing music that would help shape and redefine hardcore.

The Download includes the scans of the cover/booklet with pages for each band and for fun a scan of the animal rights pamphlet that came with it.

Rebuilding Comp. 7inch (DOWNLOAD)

This was later re-issued as a 12inch/CD with some added tracks. I think its actually out of press now and the guys over at Stuck in the Past put it up HERE

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Blog to Check Out: Blogged & Quartered

It's been a while since I spotlighted another blog; and there really isn't a better one out there to begin with again.

I happened upon Blogged & Quartered probably 2 months ago and recently made my way back today while enjoying a easy Sunday afternoon Angels game.

Great blog full of collections compiled by the blog's author. Judge, Merel, Antidote, Warzone, NY Hoods, Gorilla Biscuits, United Mutation, and a TON of others. Very worth checking out and supporting.

So head over there, get the goods and make sure to say hi and let the man know his hard work is appreciated.

Blogged & Quartered
Blogged & Quartered
Blogged & Quartered

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Ruts - Complete Peel Sessions (a band worth a few words)

The Ruts are quite an interesting band. Coming from the 70's UK Punk scene, their sound was very weighted with Reggae but still possessing that driving punk attitude. Where the Clash dabbled in Ska & Reggae, the Ruts embraced it and not only incorporated it; but made straight out Reggae jams. From the bouncing pogo punk anthems like Savage Circle & Society to the middle ground of Babylon's Burning, SUS & Dope For Guns to the outright Reggae of Black Man's Pinch (Give Youth a Chance) & Love in Vain the Ruts hit a stride that is a punk blueprint for pissed and fast giving way to moments of serenity and a slower step.

This album is included because the Ruts seem to be left aside when bigger bands get mentioned (especially UK bands)& from my searching I only seem to find used copies for sale on sites like Amazon UK & UK Ebay. These tracks; while missing a few greats like "West One (Shine On Me)" & "H-Eyes"; are of amazing quality (as Peel Sessions usually are) and a great sampling of the band playing some of their best music at their peak.

Their only 2 proper Lp's as the Ruts ("The Crack" & "Grin & Bear It") are pretty easy to find on one nice reissued CD these days and well worth more than you'll ever have to pay for it. Sadly, the band was cut short with the death of their singer in 1980. They continued on as the Ruts DC, and while it wasn't horrible, it wasn't the Ruts.

The Ruts - The Complete Peel Sessions

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Smashing Pumpkins - Live Acoustic 1993

A band that needs little to no introduction; love them, hate them, disregard them; you still likely know who they are. It's been said that they eschewed the punk & hardcore roots that many of their "grunge" contemporaries more openly embraced. Whether that is completely true or not is for others to argue. Whether Billy Corgan is a tyrannical band leader is fine talk while sitting around with friends; but clear for me is that as a young teen transitioning into punk & hardcore full tilt in the 90's, Smashing Pumpkins still resonated with me as I was busy going through those anti-radio/anti-corporate growing pains of Punk Rock. I can still put on Smashing Pumpkins stuff and be impressed. Maybe the band is a bunch of nuts or fame seekers; who knows. But there's some good tunes in there regardless if theyre saints or assholes.

This is a short set, including a cover of Thin Lizzy's "Dancing In the Moonlight", which personally makes the set worthwhile for me. I'm a Thin Lizzy fan, as well, Corgan sounds so haunting on vocals.


Smashing Pumpkins - Live Acoustic 1993