Friday, August 29, 2008

"This first song is called Neanderthal Convention and Fuck white power!"

To say anything other than I loved and still love Over My Dead Body would be a horrid understatement. From the first time I heard "Be There" to the last show, I enjoyed every moment of as many OMDB shows I possibly could. Other than Faded Grey, there probably wasn't another band I loved seeing more during that same time in the early 2000's. Energy, anger, fun, Straight Edge (blatantly but not ignorantly)- the band made shows a lot more fun for me again.

As such, my return to music posting is a live set of theirs that was recorded at the old Showcase Theatre in Corona, Ca. on May 19, 2001. Straight from the soundboard to the tape which i then recorded to mp3's. All that energy, banter, and fun of an Over My Dead Body show. Enjoy!

Over My Dead Body - "Live: May 19, 2001 :: Showcase Theatre / Corona, Ca" (download)

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