Sunday, August 31, 2008

The 8-Bit Revolution...

Through the course of this blog I've done music or music related posts because, well, it's a music blog. But another passion even pre-dating music is video games. Geeky? Nerdy? Fuck that! Fun? Entertaining? Fuck Yeah!

I had been debating doing this before the blog derailed during the summer, but now that things are back on track and the fall looms in the next month(s) (well, in places not named the Southern Western US) here's some fun for all of those sitting at home times- or, if you're a laptop toting type (like me) you can put this on the PC and the laptop and have it for when you're stuck somewhere.

This is a pretty big collection of original NES games (over 300 last time I checked) and two Emulators (JNES and FCE Ultra - I Reccomend FCE). A lot of these were tracked down and converted by the awesome gentleman over at The Old Computer (who also has a wide variety of old games and/or emulators from various systems).

I personally reccomend the FCE as its more compatible with modern use and most importantly, a computer controller. I use the Logitech dual controller similar to this:

and it works nicely for this (and my other Emulators- N64, NES, Sega, Coleco Vision, etc.).

NES Emulator/ROMS (Download)

Some Other Useful links:

The Old Computer (lots of Roms and some Emulators)
The Emulator Zone (Tons of Emulators & info.)
Emulator (wiki page)
ROM Image (wiki page)
NES Wiki (for old times sake)

Enjoy, more may follow

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