Sunday, August 9, 2009

Blog to Check Out: Blogged & Quartered

It's been a while since I spotlighted another blog; and there really isn't a better one out there to begin with again.

I happened upon Blogged & Quartered probably 2 months ago and recently made my way back today while enjoying a easy Sunday afternoon Angels game.

Great blog full of collections compiled by the blog's author. Judge, Merel, Antidote, Warzone, NY Hoods, Gorilla Biscuits, United Mutation, and a TON of others. Very worth checking out and supporting.

So head over there, get the goods and make sure to say hi and let the man know his hard work is appreciated.

Blogged & Quartered
Blogged & Quartered
Blogged & Quartered

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hey man great blog you have here!say do you have the death threat live at showcase theatre 7 inch in mp3 form?or any live boots by them?