Sunday, December 27, 2009

Vagary - Demo + 1

Hailing from Los Angeles, California; Vagary rose out of the Southern California HC scene in 2004/05 playing heavy hardcore with social/political lyrics. Poverty, Racism, Ignorance, Hatred, & being able to better ones' self and combat these things were all themes that ran strongly through Vagary's songs & live shows. Unafraid to speak their minds, singer Cris was vocal about former band Make Move and the motives of the singer as well as outspoken & critical of different mindsets within latino (as they all were) & minority communities that led to the thought that they were always being held down or treated poorly by the ruling class. Often having something to say about still working to rise above that and not use excuses (no matter how true they were) to allow ones' self to just sit and continue to propagate the image of an ignorant, violent, or manipulative minority.

In the download you'll find their original demo consisting of 4 songs & one song, "Kill to Save", from a second & unreleased demo. The first demo is rougher than the band wanted (production wise), but you can hear where they're going and what the live shows were like. Kill to Save has a much better sound and shows the direction the band was continuing in. When someone mentions 90's Revival Hardcore, Vagary comes to mind as one of the ones that was doing it in a style I prefer and better than a lot of others. Big drums that don't sound mechanical, heavy guitars with layering that keeps it interesting, and vocals that are screamed and not barked.

Unfortunately, the band couldn't stabilize and eventually went their different ways. I remember that finding a steady drummer eventually became an issue and shows were more and more infrequent. Oscar (bass) went on to play in Time For A Change for awhile. To the best of my knowledge, the second demo sits mostly unreleased. If anyone has it/talks to any of the Vagary guys, I'd love to have it personally or to post.


Vagary - Demo + 1 (download)

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