Saturday, October 31, 2009

What We Want: Born Again!!! | Happy Halloween!!!

As previously discussed (don't look, I deleted it); I was looking to tweak and reboot the blog a little. I've done it! New logo, re-did the dimensions some, added a cbox for easier commenting/requesting, and added a chunk of new uploads.

Below this post you will find:

Dag Nasty "Demo 1985" (w/Shawn Brown)
On A Solid Rock "Where Kids Don't Play" 7inch (Finnish Hardcore)
Everlast "Drown the Self" 7inch (90's Midwest Chuggy Hardcore)
Incite "Demo" (Midwest Hardcore again, but more straight forward)
VA "Rebirth of Hardcore:1999" (In My Eyes, Where Fear & Weapons Meet, Battery, Tons more!)

Enjoy, comment, request, suggest, check the blogs linked on the right, and feel free to just say "Hi" in general.

Also, might I suggest this board if you're upright, not a moron, and like the music on this blog: xSTUCK IN THE PASTx


going to this show if you're in California or surrounding areas, last time live and first chance to grab the new (final) 7inch

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