Monday, September 1, 2008

Former Members of Alfonsin - "Let's Not Forget the City Burning in the Background"

First things first- Former Members of Alfonsin are a band that I heard about a lot, but never saw and never got a chance to hear until a few years ago. I just missed them when they were around- bummer.

Former Members of Alfonsin do not contain any former members of a band named Alfonsin, so don't go looking for another band. They were however a really good (and interesting) mix of melodic hardcore and 90's emo sound. Fast at times and able to take it up to a frantic hardcore punk pace at times, they for the most part did the melodic hardcore thing with the old emo talk/sing-scream vocals (though some songs include alternating male/female vocals). Political, straight edge, funny- they truly deserve a proper re-release but until then they at least deserve some more recognition.

As well, while their stuff isn't impossibly hard to find, it isn't like you can walk into any store and find it. Information on them is sporadic as well. All of those things factored in, the download you find here is a personal Discography comprised from a playlist I have been playing around with, changing, and listening to for the last few months. I'm currently trying to get my hands on actual copies of their records (as I have none) but from my searching around I can share at least this much info:


1-6/7 are from their split 12inch with Project Hate released on Phyte
*one copy i downloaded had 6 songs, one had 7*

8-11 are from their split with Bread & Circuits released on El Grito

12-13 are their split 7inch with Sawpit

14-18 i know they recorded/released a demo, based on the quality I would guess that this is it.

I have some other assorted tracks, some that may be different versions or may be bad rips. I know there is also a live track from the Pickle Patch comp. and I think possibly another comp. track or two. Any more information is greatly welcomed.


Former Members of Alfonsin - "Let Us Not Forget the City Burning in the Background" (Download)

Members went on to be in Please Inform the Captain This is a Highjack (3 Members), Remain, Project Hate, & Amateur Party.

semi-logged into myspace: Former Members of Alfonsin

no clue if someone from the band runs it


Machete said...

Thanks for this.
I'm looking forward to hear this. Awesome band!

preston said...

omg thank you so much! i had the good fortune of knowing them and seeing them back in '98 at the YAC in Claremont and at the PCH(RIP). actually i only knew alex and he's super cool. but i loved that band. i had the cassette demo they gave out as well as the LP but now i can listen to this everywhere i go. awesomeness!

gabagaba566 said...

This band rules. I have there demo tape somewhere.

beto said...

FUCK MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I´ve looking for this tracks a lot of years, i meet them when in 1999 comes to play to Monterrey Mexico, I got the demo tape, but unfortunately i lost it, but now, I HAVE IT AGAIN!!!

hacero said...

does anyone possess the lyrics of this songs? there are only a few in the web. Im not from eeuu, i cant understand the lyrics if a dont read them. Thank you!