Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ressurection - "s/t" 7inch

East Coast Hardcore feat. members of every other band* you can think of (seriously). I'd guess that a lot of people who frequent this blog know who they are already; and those of you who don't- DOWNLOAD THIS.

Pissed Off hardcore that held enough straight forward sound mixed with a boiling over of emotions and changing sounds. A simpler sound than Unbroken but possessing an anger and voice just as loud as them- volatile and explosive mid paced hardcore.

Ressurection - "s/t" 7inch

*including members of Release, 108, Lifetime, Floorpunch, Kid Dynamite, Paint it Black, and many more

**This was released on New Age Records originally /// Deathwish has been claiming to be preparing a Discography for some time. Those versions will be remastered, but for any who may have concern- i will remove these if you find it necessary, just contact me*

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alex said...

i found this on tape a few years ago... great release. thanks for the rip!

Jon said...

thanks alex. glad you like it!

i picked up their lp years ago based soley on:

1.) it was on New Age

2.) the publishing was listed as Straight Edge as Fuck

I was like 16, so it met my criteria at the time ;) The rest is, as they say, history

Thommy said...

That's Chris Higdon from Falling Forward, Elliott and Frontier(s) on the cover isn't it?