Sunday, January 4, 2009

Collision - 2001 "Crocodile Hunter" Demo


Collision were a local band from Inland Empire/Southern California in the late 90's/early 00's. Playing pretty straight forward hardcore, it seemed like they played nearly every hardcore show at Showcase Theatre during their time.

This is their final recording/release after a 7inch and Ep on Ambassador Records. Sadly, this demo (their best stuff) never saw proper release. Their previous releases were good, but always befell some kind of setback (7inch was ok, but generally generic & their Ep suffered from a horrid mastering job of some otherwise very promising songs).

Members went on to be in a lot of bands (Amendment 18, Internal Affairs, Stand & Fight, One X Choice, & more) and recently ('07/'08) their were talks of Collision returning but a stable line-up was never secured. Bummer.

For Fans of: the Nerve Agents (pre-White Owl), Chain of Strength, Over My Dead Body, etc.

Collision - Demo 2001 (DOWNLOAD)

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Harold said...

Dude. I used to have this demo and I lost it. I've been looking for it on and off for months because I've had "Never again" stuck in my head. Friggin legit. Thanks!

gilm0075 said...