Saturday, January 10, 2009

What We Want on Myspace

What We Want Blog on Myspace

The Blog has a Myspace.

So many people use myspace, myself included. This gives a more streamlined way to let people know about updates.

I hit up Message Boards as much as I can, post bulletins to my own myspace (which has helped a lot of people I know who arent into this music hear new old stuff); but this makes an option for anyone who wants to find out when I post new things to the blog.

I will be posting Bulletins Once, maybe Twice. I wont be making 10 bulletins each time and they will be hours/days apart; not 5 times in a row flooding your bulletins (i delete bands and people who do that).

I will also be posting to the myspace blog info. for each post I do here, so if you miss bulletins (as i often do) you can just look there.

I may also do some stuff that gets posted there first/only. Who knows.

Enjoy and add the profile.

As always, tell your friends, pets, enemies, romantic others, and don't hesitate to comment, request, or suggest.

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