Saturday, October 25, 2008

Champion - Live 2003

Another live recording post (look back through past posts for Billy Bragg, Over My Dead Body, Explosions in the Sky, Parades End, Hot Cross, the Murder City Devils & Greg Graffin). Seattle Straight Edge Hardcore. You probably know who this band is, just download it already.

This is straight from the soundboard at the now gone Showcase Theatre in Corona, California. Same as with the Over My Dead Body recording a few months ago, I was able to get the sound guy to record this for me. Over the years they sat primarily in my collection and a few friends got copies. With the rise of blogs and moving this past Feb. forcing me to box and unbox things, i found a lot of stuff.

This recording is from Feb. 21st, 2003 - Bane, Terror & Piece by Piece played this show as well. It was packed like sardines. Somewhere I have pictures from this show as well. Bane was at their peak of popularity out here and Champion was just fully coming into their own.

Enjoy! It's all one track, if anyone wants to download it, break up the tracks and send it back to me- I will gladly re-post it as individual tracks. I however simply do not have the motivation or time to do it now. Seattle Hardcore for your listening enjoyment, including a GB cover.

Champion - Live 2003 (DOWNLOAD)

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