Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pre-Halloween Treat: Brother's Keeper - Five Hits From Hell

Its Saturday night, less than a week before Halloween- I know there's quite a few Halloween parties so I thought I'd offer this up since I know I'll probably be busy on Halloween Night. So, you get an EP of Brother's Keeper doing 5 Misfits covers.

I was never a huge Brother's Keeper fan, but I found this CD in a .99 Cent Bin 5-6 years ago and simply couldn't resist. Mike Ski's signature vocals to some good covers of the music (though there are some stylistic updates to fit the BK style). As much as I know I should probably think this is terrible, I can't help but listen. Devil's Whorehouse is good; Skulls is kinda ummm... interesting; and so goes the rest of the EP.

Not bad, definitely worth my dollar. This came out on Ides of March in 2000.

Brother's Keeper - Five Hits from Hell EP (DOWNLOAD)

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