Saturday, October 25, 2008

Local Bands : Someday Somehow

Like most scenes, things out here in the Inland Empire have their ups and downs. Times when there are 10 local bands you are willing to go and see and times when there are 0 local bands you are willing to go see. Right now it isn't too bad, there are some bands that really excite me and make me glad to be from around the area and into punk/hardcore/independent music. Unfortunately, a lot of the bands haven't done proper recordings yet and are still in their infant stages.

In light of that, I've decided to start mixing in more local bands along with my posts.

First up (because at 5am I was in the mood for catchy nostalgia) is Someday Somehow.
They were a band from Chino/Inland Empire, Ca. who played hardcore punk heavily influenced by bands like Kid Dynamite, Saves the Day, the Lawrence Arms and Good Riddance. Singer Erich had been playing in various local bands over the years before recruiting his brother Kenny & friend Justin to create the band. A stable line-up eluded the band for most of their existence and sadly it greatly limited their playing live and recording.

After a handful of shows and this demo the band went into permanent hiatus- a few attempts were made at line-up changes, but it just never took. Bummer.

Someday Somehow - "DEMO 2005" (DOWNLOAD)

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