Saturday, October 4, 2008

Jeremin - Self-Titled 7inch

Hailing from Arizona, this little gem of screaming noise delivers 4 songs of 90's fury. Along the lines of Screamo, they mixed in some heavier influences that show the time this was written/recorded ('96-'97). It draws a lot on 90's emo with softer parts that pull you close and then simply smash your head against the wall with the full on attack of their sound. At other times, the songs are just relentless screaming all out attacks.

This record has only 4 songs, but it seems like more than its 11 1/2 minutes as it plays out. The insanely in-depth packaging booklet is to be seen to be believed. I've included scans, but they only do it a slight amount of justice. Enjoy- this isnt what you would expect from a band that has members of Overcome (no, Jeremin is NOT a christian band). *More info. can be found at: Jeremin - Last FM (which i did a week or so ago in anticipation of this post).

As always, enjoy and feel free to comment.

Jeremin - S/T 7inch (DOWNLOAD)

*the four songs are recorded as 2 tracks because separating them was almost pointless*

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