Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dag Nasty - "Demo 1985"

For most who frequent this blog, Dag Nasty is probably a fairly well known band. But, for those not in the know, it goes... In Washington DC, where the hardcore has always had the DC harDCore sound, 1985 brought the creation of one of the bands who would help define the origins of melodic hardcore & emo-core sounds. Still bringing fury and anger, they doused the sound heavily with melody & vocals that were more sung than screamed.

The members have come from and gone on to a ton of bands; you've heard of most of them or you wouldn't be here; the experience shows as even in very early shows the band was firing at a level above many established bands. The release the band is most known & praised for being their debut "Can I Say" which blended speed with melody in a very precise, melodic execution. Big words, right? Really though, in many regards this is not only a landmark record in punk or hardcore but in guitar driven music in general.

"Can I Say" featured Dave Smalley (DYS, All, Down By Law) on vocals; but there had been a previous singer named Shawn Brown (later of Swiz), who is the person showcased on this demo.

Different songs from the demo have surfaced off and on or been included on Compilations (official & unofficial), but to the best of my knowledge (and searching), the 1985 Demo has not ever been released in its entirety. While I do not like the 1985 Demo as much as Can I Say (or even the Pete Cortner led Wig Out At Denkos), it still is very good and gets played with some regularity. It's nice to hear the early takes and with the original singer.

Enjoy! Sunderman, this one's for you (even if you have these already).

Dag Nasty - Demo 1985 (w/ Shawn Brown)

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