Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rebirth of Hardcore: 1999

One of my personal favorite comps. from the late 90's/tail end of the supposed "youth crew" revival. Good selection of bands with In My Eyes, Battery (live track), Where Fear & Weapons Meet, Atari, Saves the Day, Rain on the Parade, Mainstrike, & more.

People can talk shit, say generic, say whatever- but at least the bands I listed still hold up. Sure, the Good Clean Fun joke got old beyond 2 7inches & some of them ended up being real tools; but otherwise all the bands & tracks on here are at the very least standard fare.

My copy is a 12inch Picture Disc. I scanned the folded layout in 3 sections at a real high resolution (someone else can piece em together if they want). I did that so you can see the full layout and small print. I also snapped pictures of the A Side (CD cover), & the B Side (drawing of Ray Cappo with all the band logos).


VA - Rebirth of Hardcore:1999

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К. said...

track 18 - Eyes Shut - Vision is corrupted :(