Sunday, September 7, 2008

Feeding Frenzy - "East Rail" Demo

Feeding Frenzy were a local band from Rancho Cucamonga/Inland Empire, California. They broke up last year (2007) after doing 3 demos and a ton of shows. Though there have been talks of releasing the material, to this point none of it has seen a proper release other than a self-released first demo.

Fast, pissed off, fun, Feeding Frenzy played Hardcore in its base form of "fuck you!" and with tons of energy. I'm not one to really make comparisons as it too often is taken to mean that the band sounds (exactly) like who you are describing. But, FF definitely takes influences from the old Dischord Records scene (faith, teen idles, void, minor threat, soa) and bands like Negative Approach as well newer bands such as Knife Fight.

Enough talk- this demo is their second, it was at one time planned for a 7inch release (and may someday happen- who knows). This is my favorite stuff from them, although the outro for "East Rail" would have been better if it had been re-done (as it was talked about) or altogether removed. After this demo they had some member turn over (a guitarist & drummer) and recorded a final demo (that while a little different, is very good as well).

Feeding Frenzy - "East Rail" demo

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SvartStøy said...

Feeding Frenzy Were a Great Band, sadly i only saw them 3 times, but they were great every time. Thanks for the post