Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rjd2 - Radio One Breezeblock Mix 8-06-2004

Gunna mix it up some, hope you all enjoy.

Ramble Krohn, better known as Rjd2 is a well known DJ. Taking his lumps coming up in Ohio with the group Mhz (feat. Copywrite & Camu Tao (SA Smash) ), he broke off on his own and has not only cut a line through hip-hop as a premier producer, but also crossing boundaries into pop music.

Besides 3 albums and numerous singles & ep's as a solo artist, Rjd2 has worked exclusively or largely contributed to albums by Aceyalone & Diverse; he has remixed countless artists from many different genres (being sought out to do remixes and even having a track on a Radiohead tribute), contributed tracks to many artists' albums, and has anchored the aforementioned Mhz as well as a current project with Blueprint, Soul Position. And the collections of instrumentals and mixes overflow.

This set is a 28 minute mix from BBC Radio One in England. To the best of my knowledge, the show "Breezeblock" would invite artists of various genres to play songs & artists they like- be it popular or not. For his turn, Rj chose to do a unique mix of many different records- some his own tracks, others very recognizable songs- all of it cut together in a near non-stop flow that goes from explosive instrumentals to old rock hits, oldies, electronic, rap, and most points in between.

It genuinely gets better with each listen as you catch new things each time.

Rjd2 - Radio One Breezeblock Mix (download)

Check Out These Rjd2 Albums:

Deadringer (very DJ Shadow influenced hip-hop, lots of oldies influece)
Since We Last Spoke (more electronic & rock influenced)
In Rare Form (Instrumentals of remixes or tracks made for artists)
The Horror (Maxi EP of 12inch + Instrumentals)
The Third Hand (big jump into pop music)
Magnificent City Instrumentals (instrumentals of the Aceyalone lp he did)
8 Million Stories / Things Go Better (Soul Position lp's)

Many mix cd's exist (rjd2 is god, loose ends), an official mix tape cd "Your Face or your Knee Caps", a mash-up of Diplo & rjd2, and The Silver Album (rjd2 vs. jay-z)

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Wow - I'm so glad you have this posted! I had a recording of it several years ago and have since destroyed the computer it was on. Very happy to have it again. Take care!

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found this acapella what do u think about this
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