Sunday, September 28, 2008

Thenceforward - From Within 7inch

"Alone at last, I'm finally free. If only I'd know how cool it could be."

With a scream this little 90's raw gem gets under way. Hailing from down in Georgia they draw heavily on a lot of the 90's sound that wasn't heavy. Lots of starts and stops, high pitched bass, screaming and talking, and drums that sound like they may have been recorded inside a box. Don't misunderstand that last comment, i love it- it fits the sound. And the drums are well played, just a muffled sound typical of the style and time.

I easily see this band coming out to California and playing a show at the Pickle Patch (they may have for all i know) and if they had been around a few years later playing with a band like Dirty Dirty and the Dirts and maybe even Parades End. They bridge that gap well between political and heavily personal- both lyrically and in the styles associated with it.

This came out on Phyte Records back in 95/96, but could have easily been on Ebullition. Enjoy!

Download includes Hi-Res scans of covers/inserts
Super Big Thanks to Andy IV for the record loan.

Thenceforward - From Within 7inch (DOWNLOAD)

PS - i just found their second 7inch, "Winner". I'll post it at a later date.

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