Sunday, September 7, 2008

Other Blogs you should be Checking Out v.2

I need to do a proper blog list again of some good ones I've found, but for now I have just two.

You find both of them linked to the right as well as in my Blog Roll (also on the right).

Deaf Ears & White Noise : So far, blog man, Chris M. has posted a nice mix of Screamo, D-Beat, & 90's Hardcore. His most recent being the almighty "If Only God Knew the Rest Were Dead" by Disembodied. Check it out.

Time. For. Change. : it's a blog run mostly by Andy (vocals) and Matt (guitar). So far it has documented the recording and releasing of their debut full-length "Memoirs" on New Age Records. Yeah, EVERYONE has a blog these days. But, its a good and fun read with good pictures.

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