Sunday, September 28, 2008

Post Hardcore 3 - Pack : Iceburn, God Forgot, & Quicksand (repost)

Iceburn started out as a chaotic hardcore band in the early 90's. Over the course of that decade they would play a ranging style from early mathcore to very experimental indie and beyond when they re-christened themselves the Iceburn Collective. I'm not much of a fan of Iceburn Collective, but this 7inch on Victory is some of their earlier stuff.

God Forgot was Dan O'Mahoney & Kevin Murphy's side project in/around the time they were both in 411. Not nearly as melodic as 411's sound, God Forgot bridges the gap from the aforementioned 411 to bands like Quicksand. The first track "Don't Touch" could be a lost recording of 411 that didn't fit the style & "Sex is A Weapon" leans far more towards Quicksand with its grooving sound & beat.

This is a re-post of a promo single for the legendary post-hardcore band, Quicksand. One song from the second lp, one not on the lp. Enjoy! More info. the previous Quicksand post can be found Here

Iceburn 7inch (DOWNLOAD)

God Forgot 7inch (DOWNLOAD)

Quicksand 7inch (DOWNLOAD)

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Thenceforward - From Within 7inch

"Alone at last, I'm finally free. If only I'd know how cool it could be."

With a scream this little 90's raw gem gets under way. Hailing from down in Georgia they draw heavily on a lot of the 90's sound that wasn't heavy. Lots of starts and stops, high pitched bass, screaming and talking, and drums that sound like they may have been recorded inside a box. Don't misunderstand that last comment, i love it- it fits the sound. And the drums are well played, just a muffled sound typical of the style and time.

I easily see this band coming out to California and playing a show at the Pickle Patch (they may have for all i know) and if they had been around a few years later playing with a band like Dirty Dirty and the Dirts and maybe even Parades End. They bridge that gap well between political and heavily personal- both lyrically and in the styles associated with it.

This came out on Phyte Records back in 95/96, but could have easily been on Ebullition. Enjoy!

Download includes Hi-Res scans of covers/inserts
Super Big Thanks to Andy IV for the record loan.

Thenceforward - From Within 7inch (DOWNLOAD)

PS - i just found their second 7inch, "Winner". I'll post it at a later date.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rjd2 - Radio One Breezeblock Mix 8-06-2004

Gunna mix it up some, hope you all enjoy.

Ramble Krohn, better known as Rjd2 is a well known DJ. Taking his lumps coming up in Ohio with the group Mhz (feat. Copywrite & Camu Tao (SA Smash) ), he broke off on his own and has not only cut a line through hip-hop as a premier producer, but also crossing boundaries into pop music.

Besides 3 albums and numerous singles & ep's as a solo artist, Rjd2 has worked exclusively or largely contributed to albums by Aceyalone & Diverse; he has remixed countless artists from many different genres (being sought out to do remixes and even having a track on a Radiohead tribute), contributed tracks to many artists' albums, and has anchored the aforementioned Mhz as well as a current project with Blueprint, Soul Position. And the collections of instrumentals and mixes overflow.

This set is a 28 minute mix from BBC Radio One in England. To the best of my knowledge, the show "Breezeblock" would invite artists of various genres to play songs & artists they like- be it popular or not. For his turn, Rj chose to do a unique mix of many different records- some his own tracks, others very recognizable songs- all of it cut together in a near non-stop flow that goes from explosive instrumentals to old rock hits, oldies, electronic, rap, and most points in between.

It genuinely gets better with each listen as you catch new things each time.

Rjd2 - Radio One Breezeblock Mix (download)

Check Out These Rjd2 Albums:

Deadringer (very DJ Shadow influenced hip-hop, lots of oldies influece)
Since We Last Spoke (more electronic & rock influenced)
In Rare Form (Instrumentals of remixes or tracks made for artists)
The Horror (Maxi EP of 12inch + Instrumentals)
The Third Hand (big jump into pop music)
Magnificent City Instrumentals (instrumentals of the Aceyalone lp he did)
8 Million Stories / Things Go Better (Soul Position lp's)

Many mix cd's exist (rjd2 is god, loose ends), an official mix tape cd "Your Face or your Knee Caps", a mash-up of Diplo & rjd2, and The Silver Album (rjd2 vs. jay-z)

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Evergreen - Trudy Pushpin 7inch

Evergreen Cover

Evergreen were a Emo/Hardcore band from Los Angeles during the early 90's. Similar to what was going on in different parts of the US at the time- but with a much more dominant soft side than some of their contemporaries (the band is often called emo/post-hardcore). Think more in line with bands like Indian Summer (emo with the makings of what would influence the Screamo bands) but in a more melodic and straight forward style. Besides this 7inch they have a very highly sought after 12inch, a split 7" with Still Life, and comp songs. A bootleg discography isn't impossible to find for download on-line and their final 7inch is still available from Gravity Records. The bassist went on to be in Antioch Arrow & the drummer is in Rilo Kiley.

Download features Hi-Res scans of the front & back covers as well as the insert and Record. Enjoy!

Evergreen - Trudy Push Pin 7inch (download)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Other Blogs you should be Checking Out v.2

I need to do a proper blog list again of some good ones I've found, but for now I have just two.

You find both of them linked to the right as well as in my Blog Roll (also on the right).

Deaf Ears & White Noise : So far, blog man, Chris M. has posted a nice mix of Screamo, D-Beat, & 90's Hardcore. His most recent being the almighty "If Only God Knew the Rest Were Dead" by Disembodied. Check it out.

Time. For. Change. : it's a blog run mostly by Andy (vocals) and Matt (guitar). So far it has documented the recording and releasing of their debut full-length "Memoirs" on New Age Records. Yeah, EVERYONE has a blog these days. But, its a good and fun read with good pictures.

Feeding Frenzy - "East Rail" Demo

Feeding Frenzy were a local band from Rancho Cucamonga/Inland Empire, California. They broke up last year (2007) after doing 3 demos and a ton of shows. Though there have been talks of releasing the material, to this point none of it has seen a proper release other than a self-released first demo.

Fast, pissed off, fun, Feeding Frenzy played Hardcore in its base form of "fuck you!" and with tons of energy. I'm not one to really make comparisons as it too often is taken to mean that the band sounds (exactly) like who you are describing. But, FF definitely takes influences from the old Dischord Records scene (faith, teen idles, void, minor threat, soa) and bands like Negative Approach as well newer bands such as Knife Fight.

Enough talk- this demo is their second, it was at one time planned for a 7inch release (and may someday happen- who knows). This is my favorite stuff from them, although the outro for "East Rail" would have been better if it had been re-done (as it was talked about) or altogether removed. After this demo they had some member turn over (a guitarist & drummer) and recorded a final demo (that while a little different, is very good as well).

Feeding Frenzy - "East Rail" demo

Billy Bragg - Live x2

For those who have followed the blog from early on, you may remember my posting of a Greg Graffin acoustic set where he plays songs from his solo folk album "Cold as the Clay" as well as some Bad Religion standards & even a treat from his 'American Lesion' album from the 90's.

That posting wasn't a fluke, but an underlying symbol of my musical tastes. Even though this blog is almost always Hardcore/Punk slanted, Folk music was some of the earliest stuff I was exposed to as a kid from my mom & step-dad. So, if you know anything about Billy Bragg it should come as no shock to you that I am posting some live stuff of his here.

For those who don't know, Billy Bragg, the "urbane folk" musician of the early 80's UK punk scene (starting out in a punk band named Riff Raff) armed with just his voice and an electric guitar. Bragg has been someone who has come, stayed, and remained vital and important and managed to not become a sad, drained parody of his former self. Rather, he has continued to play, write, record, and much like a previous man armed with a guitar (dylan) he has expanded his musical output but still retained a connection to those early years of just a voice and a guitar.

Billy Bragg shows are often typified by a collection of old classic tunes from his early records mixed in with later stuff, cover songs, and collaborations (especially from his works with Wilco on the Woody Gutherie tribute 'Mermaid Avenue" Vol. 1 & 2). Also to be expected at any Bragg concert is banter with the crowd, and politics interlaced with humor.

Presented for download this time are two seperate shows. One is a set I had long heard of from some old Aussie friends, from when Bragg & the Blokes played the island in 1999. A nice, little show with some of the Mermaid Avenue songs dominating the set list. The second show is from a show in New Zealand. This was a bonus disc of some sort that was given to me by a friend who worked in a local record store. A really good mix of old Bragg classics with some later songs and a great cover of the Buzzcocks "ever fallen in love". All of it, just Bragg and his electric guitar.

I have a few other shows worthy of posting, in the future (or comment/message me) surely they'll find their way here.

Live in Melbourne, Australia 1999 (download)

Live in New Zealand 1987 (download)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Former Members of Alfonsin - "Let's Not Forget the City Burning in the Background"

First things first- Former Members of Alfonsin are a band that I heard about a lot, but never saw and never got a chance to hear until a few years ago. I just missed them when they were around- bummer.

Former Members of Alfonsin do not contain any former members of a band named Alfonsin, so don't go looking for another band. They were however a really good (and interesting) mix of melodic hardcore and 90's emo sound. Fast at times and able to take it up to a frantic hardcore punk pace at times, they for the most part did the melodic hardcore thing with the old emo talk/sing-scream vocals (though some songs include alternating male/female vocals). Political, straight edge, funny- they truly deserve a proper re-release but until then they at least deserve some more recognition.

As well, while their stuff isn't impossibly hard to find, it isn't like you can walk into any store and find it. Information on them is sporadic as well. All of those things factored in, the download you find here is a personal Discography comprised from a playlist I have been playing around with, changing, and listening to for the last few months. I'm currently trying to get my hands on actual copies of their records (as I have none) but from my searching around I can share at least this much info:


1-6/7 are from their split 12inch with Project Hate released on Phyte
*one copy i downloaded had 6 songs, one had 7*

8-11 are from their split with Bread & Circuits released on El Grito

12-13 are their split 7inch with Sawpit

14-18 i know they recorded/released a demo, based on the quality I would guess that this is it.

I have some other assorted tracks, some that may be different versions or may be bad rips. I know there is also a live track from the Pickle Patch comp. and I think possibly another comp. track or two. Any more information is greatly welcomed.


Former Members of Alfonsin - "Let Us Not Forget the City Burning in the Background" (Download)

Members went on to be in Please Inform the Captain This is a Highjack (3 Members), Remain, Project Hate, & Amateur Party.

semi-logged into myspace: Former Members of Alfonsin

no clue if someone from the band runs it