Sunday, May 25, 2008

Lined up for the Near Future...

In the next few days/weeks expect a good mix of smaller (though i'm sure known to some extent) bands like Strain, Drift Again, Until X Today, Show of Hands, Stickfigurecarousel, & some local bands (riverside/inland empire, calif.) demos and assorted things.

For now, check out the last few days work below this post as well as this little treat.


Greg Graffin Live Set 2006

I'm a huge Bad Religion fan. Other than the Adolescents first LP & Suicidal Tendencies first LP there isn't really a band whose classic era of output is still so constantly in rotation and vital to me. I’m also a pretty big folk fan too. Sounds kind of random, doesn’t it? Except that BR singer Greg Graffin has been doing folk (acoustic and stuff closer to folk rock) off and on for a number of years. In the 90’s he did a project called American Lesion. It comprised songs he felt, for one reason or another, just didn’t fit into the Bad Religion song scape. The album drew much more on the rock side of folk songs, with a softer influence. One song even ended up in Bad Religion’s catalog (the song “Cease”).

Years later Greg did a solo folk record backed by the Weakerthans & Jollie Holland that was much more closer to the ideas of old folk songs (including some standards dating back to the 1800’s) when they drew from old hymnals, simpler times, and very different lives than our own. That album, titled “Cold As The Clay” struck a chord with me. I really enjoyed (and still enjoy) it.

In 2006 he was in Germany and played acoustically a number of songs from the Cold As The Clay album as well as a few Bad Religion songs. The quality is amazing and the set overall is interactive (between him and the audience) and fun. Enjoy.

*unending gratitude due to the folks over at for this and many other Bad Religion gems*

(download link)Greg Graffin Live (download)

Greg Graffin Live @ the Silver Wings Club, Germany 2006

1 – Don’t Be Afraid to Run
2 – Omie Wise
3 – Cold As The Clay
4 - God Song (Bad Religion)
5 - Highway
6 – Talk About Suffering
7 – Suffer (Bad Religion)
8 – Willie Moore
9 - Rebel’s Goodbye
10 – Cease (American Lesion/Bad Religion)
11 – The Watchmaker’s Dial
12 – Sorrow (Bad Religion)
13 – One More Hill
14 – Dream of Unity (Bad Religion)

(download link)Greg Graffin Live (download)


xAndyx said...

hey dooder,
i need to just come over and get everything you are posting up because i don't have the slightest clue on how to open these files up when i download them on my mac. also the link you put for the labe is incorrect. its not, but i do appreciate the gesture all the same!


Dead Jon said...

Andy, thanks man. When i threw the link up i figured i had a 50/50 chance of getting it right. i'll fix it now.

as for downloading, try a program called WinAce. Despite its name, it has a Mac compatability version.

Or maybe you can even search for an UNZIP program for MACs, i dunno since I dont have one.

But for sure, come over i can hook ya up