Saturday, May 31, 2008

Collision - Croc. Hunter Demo

Unfortunately my copy of the demo is in a box right now, still packed away from moving a few months ago. But I have the files on the computer, so, no scan of the cover but you still get the songs (I know, if you HAVE to settle for just that, you will- ha ha).

Collision is one of the first local hardcore bands I remember. Fast, fairly simple, and fun live. The 7inch was okay, but the production lacked. The follow up ep was decent, but a mastering problem truly messed up what would have been a really good cd. Finally, looking to generate some interest, the band released this demo themselves. All things were at last overcome- production was good, songs all fell together in a familiar, but fun sound. Unfortunately, the band came apart as this demo was making the rounds to fans and labels alike. Members went on to a lot of bands that dont necessarily reflect what this band sounds like (including: oneXchoice, internal affairs, & impact/stand & fight). This demo captures a small shred of the fun this band was live- full of energy with good songs and always a well placed, fun cover.

Collision - Demo (download)

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