Sunday, May 25, 2008

Le pré où je suis mort - EP

Le pré où je suis mort (the field where i died)is a French/Swiss Screamo band. Anyone who has been paying attention to the Screamo scene knows that France (and other parts of Europe) & Japan have been the hotbeds for this stuff over the last few years. This band is no exception to that.

Le pré où je suis mort takes from the more current bands with a more refined sound that balances between bass driven softer parts to screaming explosions. The formula might sound a little done when reading about it, but if this is your thing I promise you won't be disappointed.

Band Myspace Page (still ative)

Download/Listen EP

*Their first ep is FREE to download at the download/listen link above. There is also a player embedded in the web page so you can even listen first. Enjoy, their label hooked it up*

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