Monday, May 26, 2008

A Reason For Living 7inch Comp.


I actually piked up this little 90's gem about 6 months ago, again at the great Dr. Strange Records in Alta Loma, California for the used bargain of 2 bucks.

Nothing mind shattering here- you get two of my more favorite 90's bands- Despair & Snapcase along with the US Envy (Larry from Think Fast on vocals I believe?) & one more band that is kinda whatever (not bad, just by comparison its hard to stand out with Despair & Snapcase). A nice bonus is that the Snapcase track - Caboose is from a recording prior to the 'Progression Through Unlearning' album and even though the album version sounds better, I'm a junkie for different track versions of bands I like.


A Reason For Living Comp 7inch (download)

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