Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tension - the Sickness of Our Age 7inch

Tension came from South Florida and existed in the 90's. I had always heard their name, but I never checked them out. But, last week in what would become one of those "why didn't I listen to this band before?" moments, I heard Tension's "The Sickness of Our Age" 7inch courtesy of the Southern Florida Music Scene Blog (which has a full write up of the band with two other releases of theirs). Members went onto be in or were from a lot of prominent Florida bands and when you hear the power of this Florida Straight Edge band, you can see how. Political, Pissed off, and with a slight groove to their fast (but heavy at times) sound, the vocals come at you like a cross between Ray Cappo & "Advent of A Miracle" Strongarm.

Thanks again goes out to Southern Florida Music Scene Blog

Tension - "The Sickness of Our Age" 7inch (download)

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