Sunday, May 25, 2008

Parades End - Discography

st front cover

In April of 1996 I was just starting to go fully from punk and dive headfirst into hardcore. Making that transition from Dead Kennedys, Adolescents, and Minor Threat to the realm of Minor Threat, Mouthpiece, Gorilla Biscuits, etc. Helping that transition was the local college station 88.7 KSPC (claremont, california) and the radio show "Fall in Love with Nick."

Not only did the show play the afformentioned GB, Mouthpiece, and Minor Threat but it was my first exposure to Swiz, Snapcase, Earth Crisis, Killing Time, and the band this post is about- Parades End. At just barely 17 years old I had not a single clue of what screamo was and I was barely discovering emo-core via Dag Nasty, so Parades End blew my mind.

What I heard that night on May 30th, 1996 was a live in-studio performance of the band. They did five songs- their self titled 7inch and a song that would turn up on a split 7inch. For years I would play the tape I had copied off the radio to anyone who would listen. My punk friends hated it, and the few hardcore kids I knew at the time thought it sounded too weird or weak for their tastes. So, I remained oblivious for years.

Long story short, years later after I had discovered all the great stuff that went on/was going on I stumbled upon the two 7inches this band released a few years apart from each other. The "S/T" 7inch came out on Wordsmith Covenant Records in '96 and I am guessing that the split (w/Sky Falls Down) came out in '97 on Moo Cow Records. I excluded the comp. song from "Guilty by Association" because its still in print on Indecision Records and the song had a different singer and while i love the song, its almost nothing like these songs at all. Yes, an ex-member of Outspoken is in this band, and members went on to do a band later with most of these members.

s/t 7inch:

split 7inch:
Age Old Story
Death of the Fittest

Live Set:
st 7inch + Death of the Fittest

Parades End - (near) Discography (download)

*I didn't have the covers/inserts scanned when I originally made the download file, so you can find them HERE
and just save them to your computer*


Ken said...

I have the s/t 7" but haven't ripped it to MP3 yet so it was completely awesome that I found this blog. This brings back some great memories...

AJ said...

This rules. I recently picked up the compilation CD that Moo Cow Records put out of some of their previously vinyl-only releases. I primarily picked it up to get a good sounding version of The Confession 7" by Disembodied. The compilation also included the song Age Old Story by Parade's End. Not too sure why the other song from the split was not included, but it doesn't matter because now I found this blog. Thanks for posting this ... I'd love to take a copy off of someone's hands if they ever decide to part with it.