Monday, May 26, 2008

Through the Desert & Back (Geonna Grey, Where Eagles Dare, & 7 Generations)

May 17, 2008 a favorite band of mine, Where Eagles Dare, got back together to play a benefit for a young girl named Geonna Grey who had been injured at her daycare. The band, and many in Ariz. HC were friends with her parents. To help, care, and try to begin to heal many within not just the Ariz. HC/Punk scenes, but from all over came out for the fun of seeing old friends and bands and to help.

Myself & some friends made the trek through the desert from So. Calif. to Tempe, Az. for all the fun and good causes.

A few pics of WED & 7 Generations:

(click on the pictures to see them full size)

7 GEN:

Kevan 7g Chris 7g
Kevan 7g


Jsn WED John WED

Unfortunately, about halfway through Where Eagles Dare's set someone stepped on my arm as they tried to walk across the barrier to the stage and they knocked my camera out of my hand. I couldn't find it until after the show was over. So, I didnt get too many WED shots, but that isn't as important as when I found it, scratched and a little beat up, it wouldn't work at first. But, a little pushing, forcefullness, and willing it into being got the thing pushed back in place (the button you push to take the photo wasn't working) and produced the picture below of a sympathetic Nicholas (bassist for 7g) lamenting my broken camera (which is fixed now).


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