Saturday, June 21, 2008

Deadguy - Work Ethic 7inch

Crazy. Disturbed. Fucking Insane. Far before there time, Deadguy with Tim Singer was insane. Their 2 7inches, and full length before his (and guitarist Keith Huckins) departure to start Kiss It Goodbye are still making waves.

In some ways a modern Black Flag in the sheer force of their power and expressiveness, they would explode and quickly burn out. Odd and driving, kind of like the third step after Bl'ast (and the aforementioned Black Flag). Pounding drums, thick guitars, and off beat changes under vocals that scream 'man on the edge', there really isn't too much I can do to give justice to what this band was doing. But the odd changes, thick guitars, and utter anger found in these three songs has probably directly made some of your favorite bands possible today.

I included an interview (scanned from a zine and found on a fan/tribute Deadguy Myspace ) from this time period of the band.

There's another 7inch, "Whitemeat" & a full-length "Fixation on A Co-Worker" that are great. I'll post the other 7inch some time, but the lp is on Victory.

Deadguy - Work Ethic 7inch (download)

Deadguy on wiki

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