Sunday, June 29, 2008

"Land of Greed, World of Need" Embrace Tribute/Comp.

Embrace was a mid-80's DC band that came after the end of both Minor Threat & the Faith. Swapping younger Alec for older Ian, the members of the Faith joined the Minor Threat vocalist to put down songs that would inspire whole generations of Post-Hardcore/Emo*core bands to come after them. Taking the aggression and turning it on its head musically, all the fury and conviction still comes through and hits like a foam bat with a steel center. Softer music doesn't mean soft music and the lyrics cut and accuse.

Because those statements are very true, in the early 90's record labels Watermark & Trustkill came together and put together an Embrace tribute album (also a homeless benefit). Long out of print and containing a very wide selection of bands, I still haven't seen a physical copy in real life. Needless to say, it can fetch ample attention any time it surfaces. But, that is to be expected of a record that not only pays homage to a band like Embrace but includes bands like Outspoken, Ashes, Rancid, Avail, Lifetime, Current, & Undertow. There are some real suprises on here (I didnt know what to think of Rancid covering Embrace, but they make it fit into the forumla of the early 3-piece Rancid) and for the most part the covers are great.

The entire Embrace record is covered, in order, 1 song per band. The bands are:
Nations on Fire, Current, Undertow, Groundwork, Outspoken, Sparkmarker, Function, Blindfold, Avail, Rancid, Lifetime, Process, Farside, Ashes.


Land of Greed, World of Need Comp. (download)


Nick said...

I think this is actually a pretty average comp that doesn't do justice to an amazing record, but the Current song kills it. Possibly my favourite ever cover.

preston said...

i thought this was a pretty good comp of a classic record. the Current cover does indeed kill it, beating out the Avail cover by a hair.