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Drop It! - Demos

Drop It! was a Inland Empire, Ca. band in the mid 2000's that played fast, pissed off hardcore. Originally a 5 piece, they quickly trimmed down to a four piece and began recording (other than these demos here, there is a tape demo of some horrid standards that I have a copy of. I plan on doing a DI! Discog. at some point, so i'll include it then). At the time that the band began thinking of recording, Vic DiCara had come back to Southern California (and into the Inland Empire) and set up a home studio. Wishing to work with someone who had been in bands that they respected & to record close to home, Drop It! went to Static Void Studio in Fontana, California and recorded a 7 song Demo with Vic.

Its funny, writing about other bands you like or bands you looked up to is easy, but when you were there and even some small part of the process its harder. You remember so much, you have to edit yourself and wonder if youre fluffing everything up for memories sake. I was present for the Drop It! sessions and hung out with those guys a lot at the time and so to reflect on all of this and try to trim the fat is hard in some ways.

The Short Version goes... a 7 song demo was recorded. 6 originals & Vic singing on a cover of the Circle Jerks "Deny Everything." It was pretty to the point and pissed off, with singer Foose just letting go (you thought I was gunna say "letting loose"). The demo was briefly shared before Vic and the band agreed it needed a remix. A remix was done. Still, even after putting it up for download, it seemed lacking.
Admittedly, Vic was new to recording and said as much himself. He invited the band back to the studio in May of 2004 to re-record the demo, sans the cover. With the previous recording experience to both of their benefit; Vic & the band set to it again. Vic had more input and the band had more ideas. Foose didn't go so full steam into his vocals, instead using a cleaner voice. The demo, overall showed a better representation of the band. Sadly (in my opinion) the bass levels are some what off on this demo and the sound can be a little too much for a lot of standard stereo systems. But as a whole, Drop It! found their sound on the Second demo.

From this point the two 7inches were recorded and along with these demos they encompass the studio recorded output of Drop It! In the near future I will include the 7inches, the 4 track Tape demo & some other recordings I have of the band, as I unpack and find the cd's/hard drive.

For now, here is the Original Vic Demo, Original Vic Demo (remix), & Second Vic Demo. All of them include the Deny Everything cover for completion's sake, but its the same version each time.

*I'll scan the demo cover later for the Discography*

Drop It! - Demos (download)

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