Monday, June 16, 2008

Murder City Devils /// What's Been Posted So Far /// Blog Spotlight

This is gunna be a little bit of everything post. I've been meaning to make a post of links to all the posts so far, so that's first. Also, there's some awesome blogs out there (like the already linked and referenced South Florida Blog that Chip runs) & it's high time to link a few more for you all to check out. Lastly, I found a live radio set from the Murder City Devils (pictured above) about 6-8 months ago. Its from 1998 & is before In Name & Blood came out & features the full fleshed out line-up with Leslie Hardy on organ/keys.

Time For Change - Live video of unreleased song
Dead Ones - Busted Heads EP
Area 51 - Discography (pre-Murder City Devils/Pretty Girls Make Graves/Death Wish Kids)
Tension - Sickness of Our Age 7inch (Big ups to Chip & South Florida again)
411 - The Thoughts That Feed the Fire 7inch
Revolution Summer - Demo (not the Euro band)
Parades End - 2 7inches & Live radio Set
Le pro ou suis mort - EP
Greg Graffin - Live (Acoustic. Solo stuff & BR songs)
Endeavor - Kill Traitors CD (7inches) (Thanks to Severed Forever again)
A Reason For Living Comp. (w/ Despair, Snapcase & more)
Reinforce - Youth Shall Sing / One Life Thug Free 7inches
No Justice - Still fighting 7inch
Collision - Final/Crocodile Hunter Demo
Quicksand - Divorce/Voice Killer 7inch
Strain - Cataract/Turn the Tide 7inch
Hot Cross - Live on WLUW (radio)
Roswell Project - 7inch /// Stickfigurecarousel - Bastille 7inch
Drift Again - 7inch

All the Blogs linked to the right are great with the mighty South Florida Music Scene and x43x being two of my favorites.

Besides all of those, two of the ones I've been digging on lately are Prime Directive run by Chase & All Over This Town by Jav.

Prime Directive bounces around a little and includes older stuff (an early post had Blackspot) as well as more current things (Never Healed & Fucked Up to name a few) and includes downloads, interviews, and posts of information on long since gone bands. Really informative with a good diversity.

All Over This Town is real new and so far is focusing on Zines (older ones) & Interviews. Thus far Jav has posted a current interview with Steven Miller of Crushed On You (Kill Holiday & Unbroken) that is pretty interesting. He also just did a good length post on some old zines. Its got me itching to do one again dammit.

Check em both out.

Lastly, we come to the Murder City Devils radio set. This is from October 1998. As I said before, it includes the full line-up with Leslie Hardy (Johnson) on organ/keys and all the other regular suspects in their respective spots. This was done in studio on the air. I was late to this band, not hearing them until a friend bought "In Name & Blood" and played it one night. I was hooked. Rock and Roll, Punk Rock, a swagger all their own, flaming drums, and that fucking organ.

I had to convert these and re-tag them. I have the suspicion that theyre not fully tagged, so i'll post the song order to make it easier (though most downloading this are probably big enough fans to know the songs)

the Murder City Devils - Live Radio Set October 1998

1- Murder City Riot
2- Dance Hall Music
3- Idle Hands
4- 18 Wheels
5- I Want Alot Now (So Come On)
6- Boom Swagger Boom
7- From the Cradle to the Grave
8- Broken Glass

*i also have "Three Natural Sixes" 7inch recorded, "Split" w/ Glucifer recorded, a handful of other singles/non-lp tracks, & the Showbox show (from the surprise show the night after the first reunion show). If that interests you let me know in the comments.*


bklynbastrd said...

please post all the murder city devils non lp trax

thanx :D

nostromo said...

man, it would be so nice of you to upload the "Three Natural Sixes" seveninch and the split with Gluecifer (preferably at a decent bitrate - vbr if that works for you)...

thanks in advance, man!