Thursday, June 26, 2008

H20 - What Happened? (Video)

Personally, coming from a punk background, i think a band like H20 should be a required band to listen to. Seeming to almost perfectly tow the line between Punk & Hardcore in that seamless manner that a hardcore band should. Catchy enough that you could catch your mom bobbing her head to it, but pissed enough that you know its on the level and from the heart.

Like many, I was sadly disappointed by the "Go!" album. So, when I heard they were making music again I was happy, but cautious. What came was their fifth album, "Nothing to Prove." Which is ironic I guess, a band of their stature certainly doesnt have anything that they HAVE to prove, its been proven. But, the album establishes that H20 is still around and still capable of writing a catchy, honest, angry record of Hardcore Punk. The video of their song "What Happened?" to me, shows in its best form, everything that I love about this band. From the records they single out while in a record shop (including Rancid, Gorilla Biscuits, & Descendents among others) to the balanced guest singers of Lou Koller (Sick of It All) & Matt Skiba (Alkaline Trio), and of course the words in the song.

Just watch the video. And buy the cd.

pS - ive got a new power cord for the laptop, so i'll get back down to business here.

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