Sunday, June 15, 2008

Roswell Project /// Stickfigurecarousel - 7inches

Double post! In this one you get two different downloads for two different bands.

Both of these bands I stumbled upon accidentally. Roswell Project by being intrigued by the artwork as it looked at me in a used bin, again at the great Dr. Strange Records. When I looked at the thanks list, I decided the record was worth a two dollar risk and at worst i got some cool artwork. I wasn't disappointed. Screaming, pissed, anguished hardcore from so cal. circa the late 90's. Yeah, I'd call it screamo. Good stuff and definitely track it down if you can. The last song bums me out almost every time. Great song though.

Roswell Project - 7inch (download)

*at the time I upped this, I hadn't added the artwork to the zip file. All scans for the Roswell Project 7inch can be found HERE


Next is Stickfigurecarousel. Now, this band I had at least heard of before finding this 7inch in the used bin at another local shop, Red Planet (ne. CD World). I knew that Chad Stroup was in the band and that they were part of the second wave of "the San Diego bands" meaning, post Unbroken.

This two song 7inch comes packaged really nicely. It all folds out with little windows cut in the front and back sections to show other pictures through them. Nice, hard card stock for the whole thing and two songs that deliver chaotic, equal amounts of mid-90's screamo/emo. Infused with just enough of what made bands like Heroin, Indian Summer, & Saetia great- the band mixes things nicely.

They have at least two other releases, I believe three if you include the split 7inch, which I have never seen or heard. If anyone owns these, mp3's of them, or wants to swap - DEFINITELY get ahold of me. (I own the As The Sun Sets comp they were on). Thanks.

Stickfigurecarousel - Bastille 7inch (Download)

*I havent scanned this record yet. This is being posted because it accompanies the Roswell Project record nicely and a I promised a friend I would up it since he keeps hearing about them and hasn't heard them yet*


Prime Directive said...

Stickfigurecarousel / Linsay split 7" is available at Vinyl Solution or directly from me (

Also, that SFC 7" you listed as Dim Mak 7" should really be listed as the Bastille 7". Bastille did all the work on that thing (Dim Mak just contrib'd a few bucks).

Jon said...

thanks for the info. on that stuff. I read their singer refer to it as the 'Dim Mak 7inch' , but thanks for the information.

keith said...

woooa, i played in both these bands... Weird that you did a write-up on both of them.. I have the mp3's for all of these 2 bands releases. Hit me up if you want em.

Jon said...

Keith, if you see this man, your profile is set to private so I can't even track you down to email you.

I would LOVE Mp3's

I do a new blog and working on doing new posts for both of these bands