Monday, June 16, 2008

Drift Again - 7 inch

People have their opinions about the 90's and hardcore. Love or hate it, the time post the big 1988 break out was a period of a lot of growth in the Hardcore Scenes. What lots of the bigger bands (be it Cro-Mags, Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Gorilla Biscuits, or Agnostic Front) had built in the concepts of loud, fast, and pissed was being explored and reassessed.

Not to put some grand spin on Drift Again, it's a reflection of the time, the same could be said about the Quicksand & 411 7inches i've upped before. This band pre-dates Outspoken & features both Dennis Remsing & Mike Hartsfield. It also includes members of Solitude & second Ignite singer Randy Johnson (on guitar).

Personally, I hear the effect that Inside Out was starting to have on bands as hardcore and metal started to mix in a way that showed a dominance of hardcore's sound (as opposed to Agnostic Front who showed more of metal's dominance at the time). Vocals that are sung more than screamed, music with some little leads and fancier guitar work, and lyrics that reflect kind of darkly, but not depressing.


*download includes full scans of the covers & insert*

Drift Again - 7inch (download)

Thanks Again to Andy for letting me borrow the record and scan/record it.

*they also had a comp song on 'Words to Live By'. Thanks to a good eye from Chase over at Prime Directive, this comp came out on New Age. DUH on my part*


Prime Directive said...

Are you thinking of "It's For Life" when you refer to the compilation that Victory repressed?

"Words to Live By..." was the comp. 7" on New Age

Jon said...
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Jon said...

haha, thats strike two on me. Good looking out. I get those two comps confused CONSTANTLY. Good looking out again.

Jon said...

but, Words to live by was the one with Drift Again on it.

Prime Directive said...

Random trivia: I believe Mikey Garceau (vocals) was the author of "Fastbreak" fanzine.

Jon said...

for some reason i always got the impression that Fastbreak was an east coast zine. Its a little before my time for hardcore. I know Mike sang for Solitude- well, thats what I was told.

schismfists said...

Solitude and Drift Again are the same band. The had to change the name because there was already someone using Solitude.

gabagaba566 said...

Speaking of 90's hardcore, you wouldn't have anything from xDeadwaitx?